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What we do: We believe that the art of creating genuine relationships in business has been all but lost.  We know that the key to success in business is acquiring new customers and keeping them happy. At KD Concepts, the customer relationship is the always followed up with a firm hand-shake and a smile. This mentality has been instilled in every representative at KD Concepts making us the leader of our market. Our face-to-face sales approach we bring to our Top Telecom client means results.  Instead of the customer coming to us we go to them. In doing so, we put a face to our Fortune 100 client’s name and put the customer's concerns at ease. Setting the standard for quality sales for our client, we keep them eager to see what more we're are capable of. The top-tier client is the leader in Telecom and has developed the highest-quality technology available for IPTV, Fiberoptic Int., and VOIP. In a long dominated single provider market, customers are eager for another option which happens to be million dollar technology.

Our Client: We are contracted with our Fortune 100 client and have market share of the Milwaukee and greater Milwaukee area.  We work with our client’s existing customer base on a one-on-one basis as well as potential new customers.

Increase Sales: Direct Marketing is the fastest and most cost effective way to contact new customers.

Attain Cost-Effective Results: We give our client 100% return on their investment.  A proven track record gives us the confidence to give our Client a performance-based guarantee. 
Provide Speed to Market: In a couple weeks, our highly-skilled sales force would be ready to penetrate a new market and agressive sales campaign widespread.

Commit to Results: Our sales presentations are always in person and low-pressure.  We focus on building great relationships as well as a system taught to structure the conversation.  The proper actions lead to great result.

Why Us?

Our team: Team members are from a wide range of backgrounds many without previous sales experience. Some have a competitive edge under their belt already coming from sports. Others, including, our CEO do not. We know that to be successful, we need to appreciate every individual and their individual strengths. One thing everyone is committed to, is a positive work environment where they develop personally and professionally.
While other approaches include telemarketing and direct mail, our client would agree our approach is most effective. A hands on sales approach allows our customer to see who they are dealing with. We rely on the #1 product and a stellar presentation to uphold our client's existing customer base and creating new customers. As a result, our client's business grows and so does ours. 

With a proven work ethic and great attitude, Account Managers are developed into Managers in a short amount of time. Only promoting from within, a merit-based advancement structure shows when someone has earned their next promotion without gray area. No seniority means it's a level playing field from day one. 


"KD News Extra Extra!!"
Operation Smile Fundraiser Successful! (Click on logo)

Trick or Treat for Canned Goods 1,000 lbs. for the Hope House of Milwaukee
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"Trick or Treat for Canned Goods?"

Trick or treating is even more fun when it's for a great cause. The Milwaukee Hope House received 1,000 lbs in canned goods and non-perishables thanks to the effort of the KD Concepts team.

Account Managers and their families pitched in to reach the goal of 1,000l lbs. in donations. Dressing up isn't just for the kids when it's for a great cause. Costumes included Smurfs, an American Indian, and Mario and Luigi. Stay tuned see who won best costume.